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Tranquil with peace from Hell.

The first Yasmine Tamara Album recorded in London and at the Balik Farm in Switzerland, released by Universal music in 2002 / 2003.
The album was received by the press and media with the highest recommendations
Such as “album of the year”, Stunning performance and best vocal artist.

The original idea for the album was to call it Peace from hell focusing on one song accusing the various warlords around the world. Judged a bit too aggressive it was later abandoned and in-stead the concept of “Alone?” was suggested.
The title song, alone ? has the unique feature of using voices such as Ghandi and Oscar Wilde recorded from the “other world” and used by kind permission of the Leslie Flint foundation in London.
Afraid that the album might be perceived as a spiritual message rather than what it really was, a collection of songs with different subject of inspirations, it was also abandoned and the song Tranquil was used for the name of the album.
Both songs Alone? and Peace from Hell where still featured on the album and are as well featured on this web site as special singles.